Friday, August 23, 2013

New Siding Progress

It's FINALLY happening! After 2 years, our siding is finally being replaced. Can you believe this house was still sporting the 1984 masonite? My dad (who is a builder) says this stuff's life span should be 15 years. FIFTEEN. So, yeah, it should have been replaced before 2000. I guess it wanted to hang out and party like it's 1999? Well, no more.

After contacting several siding companies, Hubs decided to go with The Siding Guy John Temmel. So far, so good, I'll give a full review once this project is totally completed. Day one, three guys came out and started ripping the old stuff off the house. Kids in the neighborhood stare at our house like we are crazy as they walk home from the bus stop. 

One side almost fully removed!

See how bad we needed it replaced? Totally rotted on the back side of the house. Even the workers said they hadn't seen siding in such bad shape. Ha! And you can see my paint swatch of Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray... the color it will soon become. Can't wait! 

Day two... 
HardiePlank going up. So exciting! Also, seeing these pictures of the unpainted boards makes me really glad we didn't opt to go with a khaki or beige color. 

And this side is now complete..... Day 3 is now in progress! To be continued. 


Kemberly Lloyd @ Patriot Roofing said...

Surprised to see how long it sat there with all that damage but I'm glad that you finally got new siding. And your contractors did pretty quick work of it too. Congrats on your new and improved home!

Joann Winton said...

I agree with Kemberly because considering how long it stayed there while causing massive damage, you were able to replace the sidings. Sidings not only help improve the look of the house, but also provide insulation for energy-efficiency. Just remember to clean them regularly and avoid build-up of dirt that may deter it.

Joann Winton @ AJC Roofing

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