Friday, August 30, 2013

26 Weeks

How far along? 26 weeks

Size of baby? an English cucumber (whatever that is), 15 inches long, 2 pounds

How I'm changing? Um... gained 19 pounds already. Ha. 14 weeks to go.... It's getting hard to remember what it was like without this belly. Back pain is a normal thing for me now. My nightly routine involves the heating pad and my Snoogle pillow. I've been having pains lately shoot down into my legs. It makes me walk sort of like a gimp pirate. I called the doctor about this, and apparently it is likely that the baby is pressing on my sciatic nerve. Fun times!

How I'm sleeping? Sleeping ok. I'm starting to toss and turn a lot more, which is an Olympic event in and of itself. Waking up around 5 am and not falling back asleep. I guess I had better get used to not sleeping anyways! :)

Nesting? Nesting is a real thing people. I have a constant urge to organize and clean out, and feel pressed to get every house related project crossed off my list before December. Of course, halfway through cleaning all the sheets on our beds, dusting, and making the beds up, my back is crying out "sweet mercy, what are you doing?!" and I'm completely out of breath. I'm  probably going to bite the bullet and hire a maid service before December gets here. 

Best moment of the week? Not really "baby" related... but college football is back! The most wonderful time of the year. My future Gamecock and I watched SC kick some NC butt last night. 


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