Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Framed Art

I got around to framing the "Princess Laundry Day" pictures last night. I got these frames and mats from Amazon. I thought the pictures were standard 9x12, but turns out they are really 8x12. That's an odd frame size, and I couldn't find it in stores. Of course, Amazon had it! Ha. It cracks me up that this is becoming such the Amazon nursery.

I love these pictures! The frame color is "country white" and the mats are "true white". Whatever that means, I like it though.

When these pictures were delivered and I showed Hubs, he laughed. He said he thought I had bought these dresses and the little wire, like it was a figurine or something. HA! That's funny.


And so the beginning of my girl's gallery wall. What to do in the other frames... tbd. Most likely a picture of Blakely or two, and another little gem I found on Etsy. We'll see.

I'm still on the hunt for a small side table. Right now, my lamp is just resting on baskets. Not so sturdy. I need something pretty small, like 16" high and 12" in diameter. Does it exist? I might have to just use a cute step stool instead.

For now, it's my favorite place to curl up at night and read my prego books.

Also known as flip through the ultrasound pictures again and again. But if anyone asks, I'm on my third copy of How To Be the Best Mom Ever and Never Make a Mistake, All While Curing Cancer and Losing the Baby Weight in a Week..... riiiight. :)


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