Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Window Shopping HomeGoods

I did a little therapy at HomeGoods this weekend while my hubby was having a manly day of hitting golf balls, hitting Bass Pro Shop, and shooting guns. Yes, this is my life. Window shopping makes me happy. I thought I'd share some of the latest goods from one of my favorite accessory havens. 

Alert- when did HomeGoods up the game in the way of fashionable pillows that make me drool? Look at these huge floor pillows. I believe these were $20. No lie.

Gray on gray ikat 20x20 pillow... Love this. It's a screen print, meaning the fabrics aren't woven in the ikat pattern, it's simply printed on, but for the budget conscious, who really cares? Your kids and or dogs are going to mess them up destroy them anyways, right?

You know I stopped on the black and white geometric goodness.

A very Ballard-esque chair, minus the Ballard-esque price. $399.99.

Clocks galore! 

This one was really cool and playfully over-sized. 

Time out?

I'm not sure how I walked away from this bench. I'm really not. Still as I sit here miles away from HomeGoods, this bench haunts me. $175.

Cool lanterns... think fireplace or front door swoop. Loved these.

I got a picture of this side table for my friend, Flower. It just looks like her style to me. Antique brass base and mirrored top. $30.

Sometimes iPhone just can't do justice. I took several pictures of this lamp and none of them turned out great. This was a silk gray shade on a chalky matte black base. I was dying over the colors. Loved it.

Reading lights

SOMEONE PLEASE go buy this chandelier. PLEASE. I need to see it in a room, NOW. If my dining room were big enough, I would do it. Again, iPhone not doing it justice here whatsoever. It looked like gilded gold. The bottom was an orb. The arms look like a compass or something. LOVE LOVE LOVE. GO NOW and report back. Thanks.

Oh hello misters. I don't have a room big enough for the scale of these, what with 8 ft ceilings and all. I loved them nonetheless. Black on black and huge. DRAMA!

Oh, and can we talk mirrors? How about some Ballard-esque mirrors for you today...

Um, yes. Now.

Wood mixed with iron... what's not to love about this? Oh, and my leg. Not for sale as it were.

Geometric. Yes, all day, yes.

Oh, and a few pictures from Hobby Lobby, too... Clearance mirror marked down to $65. Reminds me of the Ogden Mirror at Ballard, but in a way cooler shape.

And how about these Restoration Hardware knockoffs? Uh huh.

Don't worry, Hubby, I came home empty handed.... this time.


Lindsay Wells said...

So wish I lived in Atlanta -- that chandelier would be mine in a heartbeat!!!

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