Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Industrial Numbers

Last night I confronted my lazy bones self and said "Hey Lazy Butt, paint your numbers". Yea, it happened. Plus, I had spent nearly TWO HOURS in traffic (gotta love ATL), and I needed some major meditation. Painting is therapeutic to me. I got these craft numbers for $2 each at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago for my dresser. Hubby immediately protested. He thinks numbers and letters are for kids only. Love him... I do.

Here are the numbers NOW. Honey, I'm sorry, but wifey was right. These aren't kiddie anymore. 

I used black, gray, teal, and amber acrylics and my trusty rub-n-buff in antique brass. I used cheapo acrylics, like the $5 big jugs you can get and it lasts you forever. No way I was going to dab into my nice Winsor Newton collection for this project... I'll save those goodies for Bodie Houston Gallery.

See how the affect of all the colors turns out? It's definitely a worn look, like aging copper. The trick is multiple layers. I started by painting the entire thing glossy black (a nice Mars Black or Ivory Black for you painters out there). I made sure to send my brush strokes every which way to create the texture I'd build on. 

 After black came dabs of teal, amber, gray and chocolate. Then rub-n-buff... then repeat the steps again. I did this until it looked right to me. Note- NO WATER. I mean it. NO WATER- NO WATER- NO WATER. Use a very dry brush with very little paint. So little you aren't sure it'll show up. It will.


Still drying, but you know I can't leave well enough alone. I had to see them stacked.

And now our anniversary numbers are complete!




Go try this project out for yourself. It took me about an hour total between the drying and the waiting and the watching of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (guilty!). It's funny I live in Atlanta and don't watch the Atlanta Housewives. RHOBH is the only one I can get down with. And that's a stretch for me. 

Oh, and since I'm not a millionaire stay at home girl, I had better get to work now. :)


Ann @ the Dunaways said...

They look so awesome!!

Sweet Caroline said...


Carol said...

Beautiful what do the numbers stand for?

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

thank you, 6-13 is our anniversary :)

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Ashley, I love how these came out! I was just looking at vintage numbers on ebay and etsy this morning….I have this little wall over my kitchen window that is crying out for something interesting and thought the year we got married might be kind of cool up there. I will definitely have to play around with my paints. I'm in love with the antique copper finish you gave these!

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