Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blakely Got Shots

Blakely turned the big ONE back in January, and yesterday she had her one-year-shots. She was a trooper and everything checked out with her just fine at the doc... except for one thing... 

Tugboat has to lose weight! HA! She's a whopping 103 pounds. Blakely Goose! Chuggy Beans, more like Chubby Beans now. Her doc said she needs to lose about ten pounds. She gets a lot of exercise between daycare, doggy camp, and hubs running and walking her. But, girl loves to eat. She would eat the whole bag of dog food if you put it in front of her. Goofball.

Here she is after a day at camp. I can hardly back out of the parking lot before she flops her head down in the backseat. Sweet girl.

Hey, what's with this baby gate? I'm no baby...

Hard to believe a year ago this was her... chewing on my Coach sandal. Good thing she's cute. She has good taste.

That little stinker is now on a diet. But, I'll admit she did get Puppy Paw ice cream after shots yesterday. I'm only human.


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Bailey is going for her five year check up and shots in just a bit and I am afraid is going to tell me she needs to lose maybe a couple pounds. We haven't walked all winter. Thank goodness that is going to change soon.

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