Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Heart Belongs to Ballard

Happy Valentine's Day people! Now, while most are the lovey dovey smoochy kins type, that's just not really me, and I'm okay with that. So, today instead of gushing over my hubby (who I DO love, and who did by the way surprise me with roses and breakfast in bed this morning- he's pretty cute), I thought I'd post on something I love a whole lot- outlet shopping. When we moved to the burbs over a year ago, I was parting ways with being 1 mile away from the world's LARGEST Pottery  Barn at Lenox Mall here in Atlanta. Seriously, condo life was not super fabulous (you try sharing 900 sq ft with a man), but the location sure was. I do miss Lenox, but I've gained a whole lot more in suburbia.

One such thing- outlet heaven. Little did I realize that when we moved, I'd be within 3 miles of Ballard Designs Outlet (aka Ballard Backroom) AND Frontgate Outlet. I know, I know, it isn't fair... but let me take you shopping with me so you can get a glimpse. To be honest, many of my trips to the Ballard Outlet leave much to want (only because they are heavy on office furniture which I don't need), but yesterday they had some great stuff. For Atlanta peeps, everything is an additional 25% off right now, PLUS 20% off your entire purchase, for the President's Day Sale, so get in there! 

Adorable dining banquette upholstered in black and white buffalo check.. me want. me want now.

huge metal clocks

I love this black chair, and that gray and yellow rug

office furniture- what a sweet little desk 

I thought this lamp base was cool

who doesn't want an over-sized chrome clock?

media furniture

a zillion dining tables

and dining chairs and barstools 

need a chandelier?

bamboo! love.

 The best part about the outlet to me is the mirror section. They are always stocked full of great mirrors, and usually have the ones that are still in season. Take for instance the Audrey and the Bella...

Or, were you looking for the Bone Sunburst or mirrored candle holders?

or how about the Ogden?

or how about the Bella Leaner Mirror (they only had about 20 laying there...)

See what I mean? Mirror heaven.

A few botanical art prints...

I stopped in my tracks over these shades. I'm still thinking about them. They would be great in my husband's office. How do I love buffalo check, let me count the ways....

And once again, drooling... brass floor lamps. I've been looking for decent prices on these everywhere, and the outlet was filled with these beauties! Be still my beating heart.

These were definitely flirting with me. It made me feel guilty, what being a married woman and all.

Gourd lamps, and in the "good" colors as I call it.... gray and white. 

These were totally shouting to me "Hey girl... how you doin'".  

Okay, I may just have to stop back in this weekend and take a few of these things home with me. Love is in the air at Ballard. At least for me it was. 

Who does your heart belong to? 


Ann Dunaway said...

LOVE the mirrors!!

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

Me too!

Sweet Caroline said...

I have GOT to make a trip down there!!!

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

Yes you DO!

Lori @ Lori May Interiors said...

Such a great place! Love!!!

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

We are so lucky here in Atlanta :)

Just Spiff It said...

I would get into so much trouble if I had a Ballard close by!! Lucky you!

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