Friday, February 1, 2013

Inspiration House Weekend!

It's FRIDAY. Thank you, thank you, thank youuuuu it's FRIDAY! Anyone have big plans this weekend? I'm sure most people's involve the Super Bowl. I won't lie, ever since the Falcons blew it big time, I haven't cared anything about the big game. I probably won't even watch it. I know, sore loser, but I could not care less about those teams. Really, really. I like the Falcons (or I should say I like Abraham and Robinson), but I'm a college football girl through and through and come by it honest. Growing up, my mom was a big time Redskins fan (she lived in DC and worked for the FBI for several years), and I guess my dad just wasn't into NFL at all, and I couldn't get down with the 'Skins. But everyone should eat a bunch of chicken this weekend as you all tune in. Support my hubby's industry and order those wings!

nam nam nam nam chicken wings!!!!

My weekend does involve some big plans, more super than the Super Bowl in my opinion. Several weeks ago, I asked (or was it begged? ha) my friend Flower to go to the Atlanta Inspiration House with me. She said yes after I bribed her with lunch and wedding planning afterwards (she's getting married in April in New Orleans, I cannot wait for that trip!) Anyway, we are both excited as crap to see the house. Every room is designed by a different designer here in Atlanta. You can read about it and get a peek at pictures here, here, here, and here.  I'm not sure if photography will be allowed, but if it is you can be sure I'll post about it all on Monday.

me with the bride-to-be Flower
I get to pick up Blakers Beaner from camp today.  She looks like she's had fun this week! I love being able to check in on her anytime I want to.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


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