Wednesday, February 27, 2013

From Nay to Gray, Part III

Here we are on day 3 of my dresser rehab project. Are you sick of seeing it yet? You can read Part I  and Part II where I discussed finding this little forgotten gem on Craigslist and the daunting task of choosing hardware.

Today, I'm showing you a secret within this dresser. Not only was it among the Craigslist Forgottens, but it came complete with velvet lined drawers. Hubba hubba? No. I know, sounds lovely, but the liners are old and dirty. And that sort of (actually, it really really) grossed me out a bit (a lot). Apparently beauty and ugly are not skin deep. 

This looks like the armadillo cake on Steel Magnolias, right?

I cleaned the velvet liners and sprayed them down with Lysol, but in the end decided they should be recovered. 

In my fabric stash, which is resembling Mount St. Helens, I had this wonderful gray. It's Waverly Cross Section in Charcoal. I thought it'd be a perfect little modern touch and something extra for my dresser. 

To get the look, I first measured the insides of my drawers, twice. Just to be safe. I then measured out a piece of brown craft paper to the measurements to make sure it fit snug in the drawer. It did, so then I had a template for cutting my fabric.

I then used Mod Podge and applied it with a foam brush directly to the nasty old velvet. I was worried it wouldn't stick since it's velvet, but it did. 

I then grabbed my pre-cut fabric pieces, and started affixing them by smoothing and shifting until in place and the fit was just right.

And now, the end result is a new and clean look. No more velvet! And more importantly, they don't resemble the groom's cake anymore.

You'll notice I don't have the hardware on, but I'll get it together and it'll be on in my final dresser reveal, promise. 

I really want to hug my dresser. Is that weird? Hubs found me talking to it last night saying "oh, I love you, you look so pretty!".  He just gave me the familiar she's-gone-crazy-glance and a hesitant nervous laugh, and slowly retreated back upstairs. No sudden movements, you know?

Tomorrow in Part IV I'll show you the accessories and styling plans for this dresser. Until then, happy Wednesday!

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Julia | Pawleys Island Posh said...

looks really pretty. I'm using that same fabric!

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

Thanks, Julia! I love that fabric!

Pam said...

Yay, the velvet would creep me out too. I don't think you could ever get it quite clean enough. The new fabric looks awesome though.

Lindsay Wells said...

LOVE the fabric inside the drawers. I am seriously coveting this dresser!!

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

Thanks Lindsay! You should rescue one yourself!

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

Yes, it was pretty creepy!

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