Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Random Thoughts

OK, I have to post on this today because I sat down last night to watch the Bachelor and was annoyed, as usual.  Am I the only person in America that thinks these shows are CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESE fest?  Not to mention make the contestants look ridiculous in their quest for a man?  Seriously, the Bachelor completely devalues women and makes them look like pieces of meat in my opinion.  Is this seriously 2013 or 1840? I can hardly watch this show anyways without feeling embarrassed for everyone on it.  It's ridiculous. Have I said that?  Could you in real life go on a date with a guy you knew was dating about 30 other women, and you knew all of those women?  Um, no.

Nonetheless, the hubs and I will tune into these shows sometimes for comedic relief.  We will make bets during any given episode like *how long before the bachelor is seen shirtless, staring into outer space? *how many times will they jump off something into water? *how many times will they sit by a fire? *how many times will the words "this is real" and "i'm falling" be used? *how long before they dance before a live band?  etc.  The show is now so predictable and filled with unrealistic fluff that I don't know how anyone could take it seriously! That's just my two cents.  End rant.

In other news, the hubs had dinner with Jake Gyllenhaal last night. Ok, not with him per se, but at the table next to him.  They were at Optimist Restaurant here in Atlanta, which is apparently the place to be.  His boss snapped these pics of the actor with his blackberry, which explains the grainy image.  Pretty cool though, right?

And today is my niece Grayson's 2nd birthday! I cannot believe she is 2, I remember the day she came into this world, all blue eyed with a head full of dark hair.  I love her so! Her party was over the weekend.  It was an Elmo party, would you really expect anything less? We love you Gray-Gray!

cute cute cuuuuute Gray Gray

blowing out the candle

Elmo cupcakes made by my sis-in-law's-sister, follow that?

with Aunt Ash

I'm so excited!

with her dollhouse we got her

And today is ALSO my nephew Houston's birthday! Happy birthday buddy! We love you, too. Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!


Sweet Caroline said...

Girl, I HATE HATE HATE the bachelor trash shows...I really dislike all reality tv. It's so fake/awkward, it makes me nervous/annoyed way too much to watch. I much prefer my reality breaks to be in the form of HGTV or a good "drama" tv show.

The Houston House said...

Haha glad I'm not alone! It makes me anxious because it is so painfully awkward! And I'm with you- HGTV is the only good kind of reality!

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