Wednesday, January 30, 2013

32 Years

Today is my Daddy's birthday, not 32 years. It is also my parents' wedding anniversary.  That's 32 years.  I am so grateful to have these two as my family.  Words can't really express the upbringing they gave me, but I'll give it a go anyways.  

on their wedding, I slightly resemble my mom, no? =)

My parents taught me the value of telling the truth. They taught me it's much easier to remember the truth than a web of lies. My daddy always says the trouble with lying is that you have to keep on lying, and who has time for that? He's right.

Daddy taught me to appreciate bluegrass music and homemade wine.  Mama taught me discount shopping and how to eat a Chocolate Thunder from Downunder (Outback) for lunch. Daddy showed me how to hang a picture.  Mama showed me how to bake a cake.

They both brought me up in Williams Brice Stadium from a very young age, and taught me to love the Gamecocks and all things Carolina.  Honestly, I haven't been able to really thank them for this until more recent years (ha ha).

Jesus taught his disciples to serve others and to love one another as He has loved, and my dad has certainly lived this out.  He is the definition of shirt off his back.  My dad has always given everything to everyone without any advance notice, and while expecting nothing in return.

Kill 'em with kindness. 
My mom is great at handling confrontation.  In any situation or problem I had with someone, her advice was simply "be nice".  This wasn't always the counsel I wanted growing up, especially when so-and-so took my spot on the bus, or so-and-so pushed me on the playground, or so-and-so stole my boyfriend... :)... you get the picture. Mom is a firm believer that you never know what someone is going through, and everyone has a story you haven't read. So be nice. She's right.

My parents have shown me the value of family. I can truly say that I grew up in a house where family bonds were stronger than glue. Flat tire on the way to school, pouring down rain? Dad arrives to change it, get this, he isn't mad. Numerous last minute errands/parties/play dates/dance recitals/cheer competitions? Mom makes sure it happens. I can't really list every school project my dad helped me to engineer, and I definitely can't count the number of sick days, glasses of Ginger Ale, and chewable bubblegum amoxicillin tablets my mom sat through with me.

My parents led by example in teaching me that good guys may not finish first in the short sprint, but they always do in the long run.  That the high road is the only road to take.  That grace and mercy are not just useful to those on the receiving end. That dignity cannot be bought.  That family is first. That dependability is better than asking forgiveness, and that granting forgiveness is better than holding a grudge.

So, all of this is to say happy birthday to my daddy, and happy anniversary to my parents. I cannot imagine picking better people as parents, and I am beyond words thankful that God chose these two to be mine. 


Anonymous said...

Loved this Ashley and it is oh so true. I have had the good fortune and honor of knowing your parents a long time and I remember the day they and married. I know how proud you are to be their daughter as well as I am to be their friend. Pat

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

thanks Pat!

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