Friday, January 4, 2013

Fabric Friday!

Happy New Year- completely belated! I got a camera for Christmas (hooray!!) and haven't had the time to sit down and figure out downloading pictures to a computer... so this post is not a catch up by any means.  Maybe next week. Again, how do people blog every single day? No idea. I am in awe of those who do.

Thought I'd share some idea boards and fabric favorites as of late.  I have no plans to use any of this in my house, but it's still fun to put together.  Every one of these boards uses Doux Cotton Velvet, a sample of which I got last year and it is gorgeous in person.  All of these fabrics are affordable and are available at

Happy  Friday!

Idea #1 
P Kaufmann Vassar Paisley Horizon, Doux Cotton Velvet Colonial Blue, P Kaufmann Essex Linen Taupe, Premier Prints Zigzag Village Blue

Idea #2
Robert Allen Color Field Truffle,  Premier Prints Dandelion, Doux Cotton Velvet Colonial Blue, Robert Allen Spring Mix Pomegranate 

Idea #3
Premier Prints Anderson Check, Waverly Wonderama Toucan, Black Pom Pom trim (would be cute for white drapes), Doux Cotton Velvet Colonial Blue

Idea #4
P Kaufmann Little Hipster Citron, P Kaufmann Brissac Jewel, Duralee Putnam Black, Doux Cotton Velvet Colonial Blue 

And last idea board, with ready made stuff...

West Elm jute rug, etsy pillow in bleeker pillow peacock blue, Pottery Barn jacquard wool in multi, rug sisal rug in rust 



I do not know how people blog every day either!!! I'm hoping to get to Scott's on Thursday or Saturday.....whoop!

The Houston House said...

I managed to post again today with house updates, twice in one week... look out blog world!!! I'm definitely hitting Scott's on Saturday! Hoping to find big industrial numbers- a girl was there selling them outside in November and I'm kicking myself for not buying them! Hoping she is back!

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