Friday, December 21, 2012

Gold Leafing

I haven't ever tried gold leafing before, but I sometimes like the way it looks.  However, I haven't ever seen a DIY gold leaf that looked all that great.  I read that you can buy the real deal from speciality art shops, but really who has time to special order for a DIY craft that's supposed to be cheap?  Then I found a good substitute one day when I was browsing through Hobby Lobby.

It's called Rub'nBuff Wax Metallish Finish.  I got the antique gold color to try out at home.  It says to use your finger to dab onto surface or to use a dry cloth, but I opted for a short bristled brush.  Side note- it has an odor and you must clean up with mineral spirits.  That means it's the real deal, baby! Ha.  I decided to try it out on our pictures in the half bath.  

Here's the results- it really does look like gold leaf.  It's got sort of a dull shine to it, even if you can't tell from iPhone pictures.  This stuff was cheap and you really only need a small amount.  It's much like Elmer's- a little dab will do ya.

And just like that, our half bath got a metallic face lift. 



That stuff is definitely the bombdigity !!! I've been using it for the gold finish!

The Houston House said...

I was surprised how real and antique it looked, especially for the price! But it is addicting.. hopefully I don't paint my whole house gold. oops.

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