Friday, December 7, 2012

Dream Dinner Party

Hubs and I have strange conversations, often.  The most recent random from our Files of Weird was this question- Which 10 people (living) would you have at your dinner table, excluding yourself and spouse?  

The hubs list consisted of everything Hubs.  Braves, republicans, Tigers, Saved by the Bell, and of course, his favorite Andys (Stanley & Sheriff Taylor):

Bobby Cox, John Smoltz, Dale Murphy, George W., Kelly Kapowski (in character he noted, NOT Tiffani Amber), Danny Ford, Andy  Stanley, Jimmy Buffet, Neil Diamond, and one empty chair where Andy Griffith would have sat.  

Between our lists, we only had one overlap- I guess it is good that it happens to be our preacher?  My list includes some of my favorite Gamecocks- past and present- consisting of Ray Tanner, Marcus Lattimore, and John Abraham.  What's a dinner party without your Friends- Jennifer Aniston as herself, and Chandler Bing, in character.  Rounding out my invite only are US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, my preacher Andy Stanley, and my HGTV ladies Candice Olson (who I would proceed to invite to move in with me), Sabrina Soto, and Monica Pedersen.   Ok, now how can I make this actually happen??

Now I really want to know, who would you invite? 


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