Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Lights

Is there anything better than riding around looking at lights?  Well, walking through your own neighborhood with your family to see lights is pretty great, too.  The weather here has been ridiculously perfect lately.  I'm not sad about that for even a minute.  Don't get me wrong, I do like for it to be cold on Christmas so you can do all the hot chocolate drinking and what-not, but I will never pass up a mild 70 degree day.  Ever.  The other night we had one of the biggest full moons I've seen in a while, and the weather was excellent as I mentioned, so the hubs and I decided to take Blakers on a late night stroll.  She was more into sniffing the ground and finding the perfect spot, but we really enjoyed seeing all the lights.  It's funny to see people's personality come through their choice in decor.  We have everything from beautiful wreaths and candles in each window to the Christmas Story full-size leg lamp.  Funny.

Here's a few pictures I got along the way: 

I'll get a picture of the leg lamp eventually...  when I come to grips with it being so present in our own neighborhood.  In any event, it looks a lot like Christmas around here! 


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