Friday, October 12, 2012


My fabric swatches arrived yesterday!  Which is usually so exciting (to me, who is fabric obsessed), but I kind of thought I'd already picked my favorite before the swatches arrive (I was leaning towards Covington Windsor).  (and these pics are brought to you by the iphone- I'm no photographer)

top to bottom- Waverly Seeing Spots, Covington Windsor, and Waverly Ticking Stripe (in hubs' office)

This just goes to show how important it is to order a swatch before you make any commitments.  I like the way each choice works with the fabric I already have in the office.  

Here they are head to head 

and in the kitchen

I am going to go with the seeing spots for a few reasons.  1) The fabric is very thick and sturdy.  The other option is very thin, which would create more steps for me in having to line it, and also more money.  The whole point of making my own drapes is to save money and save time.  2) I like the smaller pattern.  The kitchen is overall VERY neutral without a whole lot going on.  It could use some visual interest.  And 3) I think the polka dots are more fun and less trendy than the trellis-like pattern.  

I think I've found my winner! 


Melissa said...

Good choice! Can't wait to see the end result!

The Houston House said...

Thanks girl!

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