Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bronze, Or Is It Brass?

My friend Flower has found the perfect hardware for her master bedroom makeover.  Her house has been under construction for almost a month now, being completely turned on its head.  She's getting a fabo fabo fabooooooooo new luxury master bath and bedroom built-ins to boot.  I'm jealous to say the very least!

We've both been on the hunt for awesome hardware.  Her for her built-ins, me for my kitchen.  It's so hard to find the right color.  All brass is not created equal I can tell you that much.  Some are too shiny, some too 90's, some way 80's, and some are just plain gold.  It's hard to find the antique yet modern look you see in magazines.

Until now.

Flower texted me the other day with some pics of these little knobs.  Aren't they great?  I think so! And, here's the kicker, they are  AFFORDABLE!  She totally nailed it.  I couldn't be more proud to have her as my friend (and to copy her design every now and again, hehe).

We both decided we loved the color, and that these knobs really do look what we affectionately term "designery".

And wait, there's more.  In the same set are these lovely cabinet pulls.

So, is it brass, or is it actually bronze?  When I think bronze, I guess I think oil rubbed bronze, which is a dark brownish/black color.  These, however, are called "sedona bronze".  Who knew?  So, will these end up in my kitchen?  TBC......

Oh, and Flower also found this adorable black and white towel hook at Anthropologie.com.  How cute is that?


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