Thursday, August 2, 2012

Go Braves!

Well, another month has gone by without a blog post! And guess who noticed....... no one! Ha! :)

I've been way too busy to think of getting on a computer to post, and I've still got too much going on to do much more than dump a bunch of pictures at you.  But, I did want to document the kiddos (my nephews and niece) first trip to Turner Field.  It was so much fun to see their reactions to a "big" baseball game.  And here the pictures come...

Walking in

E loves her Uncle Mark

With Uncle Mark's brick that I got him 

The Houston gang, Go Braves!

Emily Ruth dancing

 The boys' reaction to Chipper Jones 

 This is what a bowl full of chocolate will do to a 4 year old... hehe...

Some of my favorite sound bytes from the game:

Houston:  "Oh man, they are just so scared to pitch him" in response to intentionally walking Chipper Jones.
Emily Ruth:  "That cow is choppin'!"  referring to the Chick-fil-A cow doing the tomahawk chop. 
Addison: "Um, the whole game"  when asked what was his favorite part.    

They had a BLAST, and all 3 exhausted Braves fans fell asleep on the ride home.  Go Braves! 


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