Thursday, June 7, 2012


Part of the fun of home ownership (ha) is replacing things that have worn out.  Especially when you own an older home as we do.  Our siding needs to be replaced, and we are toying with getting away from the stark white that it currently is.  I just feel like it is a little bit dated, and I want to do something a bit warmer.  I've been scrolling through magazines and ideabooks and I am LOVING LOVING taupey gray exterior colors.  LOVE.  One of the houses we had looked at back before we bought our current home was a brick home, black shutters, gray roof with a darker taupey gray siding.  I fell in love with that house, but it wasn't meant to be obviously.

So, what do y'all think?  I need some suggestions! Our brick has a lot of gray tones throughout it.  I've been looking at Benjamin Moore colors because their exterior paint is excellent.  Right now I'm leaning towards something in this range:

Equestrian Gray 

Ashley Gray
Copley Gray
Kingsport Gray

And some sloppy photoshopping just to get an idea:

And with mature landscaping (don't you hate waiting on your yardwork to GROW!), and window grids:

It feels warmer to me than all the white siding.  Plus, I think it would update the house in a big way.  We'll see! 


Tamara Black said...

great siding for this house and I like the house! hardiplank siding houston is also good and if it is made of wood.

The Houston House said...

Thanks for the feedback!! I think we will end up going hardiplank for sure!

Kermit Lukacs said...

That’s a good idea! It really helps to get a preview first of your options before proceeding with the actual job. In that way, you’ll be able to see if it suits your taste or not which will keep you from wasting time and materials. Anyway, how did things go? I hope you update us on how your current sidings look right now. :)

Kermit Lukacs

The Houston House said...

We haven't taken the siding plunge yet, but I will update when we do (hopefully we get around to it this year!)

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