Monday, April 23, 2012

Great Weekend

We had the best weekend we've had in a while.  We actually left Atlanta, say what?  We never get to go on fun road trips, especially now that there is a puppy in the mix.  But, we braved traveling with a 14 week old hyper crazy puppy dog to visit friends in Fort Mill, SC.  Fun time spent with friends was soooooo what hubs and I needed to aid with the stress of our busy and hectic lives lately.  Blakely pup did awesome on the long car trip! I was pretty much stunned that our crazy chewer slept almost the whole way to my parents house where she spent the weekend.  I had to take pictures to prove it.

We were thrilled with the fact that she is a good traveler because we love to get out of town when we can!  And I HATE leaving her with strangers, I know, I'm a total wuss.  But I do.  I'd much rather her be at my parents with their chocolate lab living it up.  And that's what she did this past weekend.  She was spoiled rotten.

We also got to spend some time with hubs' parents.  My father-in-law is an amazing artist and surprised us with a painting for our house.   You've probably seen some of his work in and around Columbia, or witnessed an event designed by him ( When we got home late Sunday night, we found a perfect place for the painting in our living room and hung it up.  The colors match perfectly, and it really adds something to a wall that was boring and neutral before. 

What do you see?  Hubs sees a face.  I see city buildings and power lines and busy streets.  My father-in-law sees boats, docks, and sails.  Don't you love abstract and contemporary pieces for this reason? 

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.  And weekends always end.  It is really tough getting back into the groove on Mondays following a great couple of days off.  Hope everyone survives the beginning of a new week!


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