Monday, March 5, 2012

Before & After

This past weekend, I was outside playing with Blakely pup.  Before our play session, my iPhone3 looked something like this:

After our play session, it looked more like this:

Wamp wamp.  So, moral of the story, iPhones- not so puppy proof (I can't really blame her, I fell backwards on my own clumsy feet and landed right on the brain of my Apple product).  I tried to revive it as best I could, calling in emergency reboots and prolonged life support at the charger, when finally I realized the ol' phone wasn't coming back.  It was just her time.  It was death on impact, and I had to take her off the machines.  Rest in peace ol' lady.  It was a good death.  So then, I did what any mourning person would do.  I wore black for a week and ate a lot of casseroles.  Actually, no, what I did was I went to AT&T and got a new iPhone4 instead. 

In memory of the 3, and in celebration of the 4, I decided today I'd post a before & after using my new phone; it takes way better pictures than my last one.  What better room to do a before & after with some updated pics than to revisit the biggest change in the whole house- the Pinocchio room.  (The old pictures are from the old phone- sorry). 

 During painting/grasscloth removal/sanding:

And the after, with the new iPhone camera:

Both the living room and my phone have gotten a face lift.  In lieu of flowers, donations were made to AT&T in the form of a new 2 year contract and insurance (considering there might be another puppy chew toy accident, I figured the insurance was a good idea).  Maybe, just maybe, Blakely pup will let us enjoy the after of our living room.  Hopefully we won't be needing 2 ccs of stain remover and the couch won't undergo extensive surgery from puppy chew lacerations any time soon.  We'll see.....  CLEAR!


Mandy P said...

Absolutely beautiful! And my condolences on the iPhone. I had a similar accident happen a few months ago. It really is like losing a family member. Your phone took GREAT pictures!

The Houston House said...

Thank you! LOL, yes, iphones are members of the family :)

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