Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You Light Up My Life

You give me hope (err a pretty foyer), to carry on, you light up my days (with a 60W bulb)! And fill my nights, with song (err bling)........ OK, I'm definitely not the cheesy lovey dovey romantic type- but I felt LeAnn's song was appropriate here.  Check out what the hubs installed for me to show his undying love and commitment for this woman (or maybe just fear and overall dedication to the saying happy wife happy life):

That's right, y'all, no more boob light in the foyer! So excited.  Roses are red and violets are blue and all that stuff, but I cannot resist a man that knows his way around a tool belt.  The light and crystals went up without any hiccups.  Success!  It really dresses up this little space as you walk into the house, and I love the shadows it throws onto the walls and ceiling when it is lit.  Gorgeous, thanks to my hubby!

Ohhh ahhh.  I love it.  But, it wasn't all about me, of course.  I surprised the hubs with a game we played years ago at Barnsley Gardens.  The game is called Skittles.  Highly addictive.  Loads of fun.  We proceeded to play a few rounds, which lasted about an hour.  I guess that means he likes it!

And hubs surprised me right back with two dozen roses.  Awww.  He's been my Valentine for 6 years now. 

Yeah, you, liiiiiiiiight up my liiiiiiiiiiiiiife.....


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