Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Loveseat Movies

An ode to Valentine's Day.  Some of my favorite romantic movies, and the loveseats you'd want to watch them from.  I've played matchmaker with 10 of the best from sweetheart cinema and the loveseats that complete the perfect couple.  The following are made for each other.  Awww. 

The Notebook
rustic meets feminine

Gone With The Wind
mahogany and antebellum

Dirty Dancing
flirty, curvy flow, and no baby in the corner

The Princess Bride
silk, baroque, and romantically good looking

Pretty in Pink
 innocent and sweet
(and actually not a loveseat- forgive me, couldn't pass this room up)

 a timeless classic

For Love of the Game
 a pairing of masculinity and inviting comfort

Pretty Woman
 traditional meets luxe animal prints

Can't Buy Me Love
 what can I say about this one, other than 80's, leather, and momentarily trendy

cheerful and artistically retro

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


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