Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blue Guest Room Ideas

Yesterday, I came in with two bags form TJ Maxx.  Hubs says, "what's that?" and I respond "I'm decorating".  I pull out 7 plates in different patterns and colors.  He says, "uh, where's that going? dining room? china cabinet?" and I fill him in "no, upstairs".  You should have seen the look on his face.  Complete confusion. 


"Yes, upstairs.  In the blue room." 

Long pause, awkward silence.  But as I told my husband (like I do so often, ha),  "Don't worry about it, this is happening."  I know it actually can happen if he only responds with an eyeroll.  Anything else, I've got to toss that grand idea out.  I got the eyeroll this time, so I think I'm safe.

Plates in a guest room?  Yes.  I saw it in Atlanta Fine Homes Magazine, so hubs, you can blame the fine editors over there.  I got 7 (rule of odd numbers, it is a must), and they aren't too matchy-matchy (because I don't do matchy-matchy).    I spent less than $30.  Don't you just love TJ Maxx-Steinmart-Marshalls and the like?  I do.  So, after letting hubby know that this idea is indeed going to come into being, I played around with the plate arrangement on the floor for like an hour.  This is what I do.  I have issues, I know.  I'm pretty sure family members called in the process, and I heard hubs tell them "Oh, she's upstairs, playing with plates" in a very nonchalant tone. 

The arrangement I'm settled on, with $2.99 stickers still in tact:

Finally I just had to tell myself step away from the pottery.  You could drive yourself crazy arranging and rearranging.  Probably too late for me.  The rest of the room we, hooray!, already pretty much have (I mean minus nightstands, but do our guests really need those? ha.) The bedding we registered for as a young engaged couple (tear) was Pottery Barn's Matine Patchwork Toile in porcelain blue.  The ivory silk drapes are from my college apartment (I knew they'd come in handy one day).  I had these cool sconces at the condo, and I love them, but I think it'd be fun in this room to one day do a funky porcelain lamp, and use the sconces in a different room.  Something super duper traditional, and contrast it with a super duper modern animal print rug (animal prints can work in any room- they act as neutrals, it's true.)  Any one of these numbers from would be cool:

So, thrift shopping for some old school porcelain lamps, anyone?  You can bet your life hubs is not running that errand with me.  :)  The present color in the room I'm actually not changing (if you can believe that after I've painted every single room downstairs).  The color is Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue:
And, like I've said before, I do these things a lot, another inspiration board for our blue guest room:

So, plates on a wall, zebra on the floor, stripes in the sheets, porcelain at the non-existent nightstands, sounds like a comfortable enough room to me.  We'll let our guests be the judge.  But, don't worry about it, it is happening.  ;)


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