Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Charleston Trip

A few weeks ago we took the girls to Charleston, their first time! It was last minute, but we wanted to do a family vacation and what better place than our most favorite place?

We headed down on Friday and first thing stopped at The Citadel, hubs' alma mater. The parade deck was the perfect place to let the girls out and burn off some energy from the car trip. They loved it. Of course we also stopped in the gift shop for little prizes since the kids had been such good little travelers.

We then ate at one of our favorite places on Mount Pleasant, and totally kid friendly. Paige's Okra Grill. OMG. So good every single time!

After that we checked into the hotel. This was ALSO the girls first time staying in a hotel room. My oldest was hilarious, "we live here now?" :) She thought it was so neat that it had a little fridge and a potty "just for us".  Ha ha. The kids shared the living room area which had a pull out sofa bed, and they did great. Once we got unpacked we headed straight for the beach!

Hubby is a life member with The Citadel Alumni Club, so we have access to the beach club on Isle of Palms, which was AMAZING! Not to have to fight to find parking in the public beach area, and not to have to fight beach access either... awesome. Plus we could use the beach house's restrooms, and there are SNACKS. Yes. Not sure why we didn't sign up for this a long time ago. Probably wasn't as a big a deal before kiddos. I can't remember that far back. HA.

The kids were worn out from a day of no naps and travel and beach, so we watched a movie in the hotel room and crashed Friday night.

Saturday morning we took them to the aquarium. Evans got up the courage to feed the stingrays. I was surprised she wanted to do that. I was like- no thank you. Ewwww. The SC Aquarium is amazing, but our youngest got kind of bored with it. From there we drove down to the battery and did a little sight seeing. Then it was back to the beach!

Saturday night we had a babysitter come to our hotel room and keep the girls so we could have a date night together in Charleston. I asked a friend that lives in Mt. P for suggestions and she sent me a list of people to contact. Our sitter was awesome! She sent us this picture of the girls looking at the rainbow outside the hotel room. They colored and ate snacks the whole time we were gone, ha!
Hubs and I had dinner reservations at one of those fancy smancy restaurants down town, but last minute we decided to cancel those and go to Home Team BBQ because that's just more our speed. It was fun to have some one on one time. It was also fun having a game changer or two :)

Sunday we went into downtown and walked around King Street and though the market. A lady in the market was making jewelry, so naturally Evans had to stop. She found a bracelet she loved but it was an adult size. The nice woman sized it down to fit her perfectly. I thought that was so sweet. Evans LOVED it and wears the bracelet daily.

On the ride home Sunday that was all she wrote for these two :)

Until next time, Charleston! 


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