Monday, February 26, 2018

Our Weekend

Saturday we went to the zoo for some family fun to celebrate Mae Caroline's birthday (which is on Tuesday)! I cannot believe that she turns two tomorrow. My last baby turning two. I don't know whether to cry in a pillow or shout for joy that we are nearing the end of diapers and cribs forever. Eek. So many emotions!

The zoo was so great but it was packed! An 80 degree day in February, of course it was slammed. But the kids had a great time. Papa, Dma and Granddaddy came with us. The girls had a great time, MC LOVES animals. We had to leave before seeing everything though, the girls were DONE. Evans was getting tired and grumpy and MC was beginning to get overheated and tired as well. When we got back home, both girls napped until almost 5:00, ha!

Sunday was church and lunch at Papa and Dma's. Then a lazy, rainy day of naps (and fort building) for everyone!

My kind of Sunday!


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