Monday, February 19, 2018

Our Weekend

Last week when I picked up E from school, she told me her art was in her school's art gallery! She was (is) SO proud, and of course I am proud of her, too. Sweet girl! 

Friday night we celebrated Daddy coming HOME with a night out for Mexican food! Our favorite! Papa and D joined us, too. 

Saturday was date night! My parents kept the girls over night (holla!) and they had the best time. Evans was so wound up she woke up at 5 AM ready to go! HA! Sillies. They love their grandparents house! 

Hubs and I ended up going to dinner at J Peters in Chapin, and we were done and back home by 7:15. HAHAHAHAHA. We went on a golf cart ride, checked on the boat (too cold to take out), and "slept in" until 8 AM Sunday morning. It was so nice to take our time and actually enjoy a cup of coffee before someone was calling for us to do something. Love these little breaks, but love to see my kiddos when they come home! 

Sunday afternoon was spent chasing after our crazies and enjoying the sunshine. Hubs fixed the swingset and I cleaned it really well, and the kids were thrilled. 

I also had time to finish this bookshelf rehab. I'm delivering it to my client tomorrow! 

Happy Monday! 


Sarah said...

Did you use the same technique on the bookshelves that you used on the panels you posted about the other day?? Those looked so great!

Holly said...

Hey Ashley! I looking through your blog and loving all your post. Love the chalk painted shelving. I can see how that chalk paint can be addicting:) So funny how Marie always told me about your blog and about you....know she is happy that we finally connected:) Expecting tons of snow in next couple days....ready for my visit down south in couple of weeks.

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