Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lately & 15 Months

Another catch up! Life has been a bit busier than usual here lately, more on that later. No, I'm NOT pregnant as so many have asked me lately!! Maybe that's a clue to lose some weight? HA! 

It is HOT here. Woo. Too hot to enjoy outside most days, but the baby pool, sprinklers, and beach sure help. 

Mae Caroline turned 15 months old (and she's almost 16 months now, oops! ) She is into EVERYTHING. She's been super fussy (fussy for her at all is really out of the normal). Three of her molars are coming in aaalllll at once, poor kid. She's just not having it! I can usually distract her with outside time, stroller rides, car rides, new surroundings, love. Etc. Etc.  

Girls are still sharing a room and loving it! Thank GOODNESS! Some nights it is a challenge because one of them is fully wired and the other is super tired, but mostly they just play and giggle for about an hour before falling asleep. 

Evans started summer camp and is loving it! And so is Mommy! HA! It gives me some time to actually get things done without two girls at home. I still have a sitter keeping MC two days a week. 

MC is about to drop a nap I think. Although the past few days she's been taking morning and afternoon like a champ, there are times where she will just play right through one or the other. Who knows. I think Evans dropped a nap around this time. 

Took the girls to Tybee a couple weekends ago. Evans FINALLY loved the water! It has taken her 3 years to build up the courage for ocean water. HA! This time she was really into it. MC pretty much just played in the sand under the umbrella the whole time. 

Now that she's got molars coming in, she's trying out those chompers :) She prefers me not to break up her food (obviously I still do). Wants to be like Big Sis. 

Even when she's fussy, I can pretty much count on taking her outside to cheer her up. She LOVES to be outdoors. Just like Daddy. Thank goodness we have a fenced front and fenced back yard. I can pretty much just let her discover and roam (from a safe watchful distance, of course, I am still a mom after all!). 

I can also count on bath time. She LOVES bath time. Some days I bathe Evans super fast and just let MC stay and play a while. She gets so excited when it comes to water! 

I went on a girls trip with my best friends to Pawleys Island. It was THE BEST. We laughed and giggled and talked like we were still in college. Girl time is good for the SOUL, I swear. All three of us have kids now and it's hard to get together (we don't all live in the same city, either), but when we do get together we catch right back where we left off. Aren't friends like that the absolute best? 

Of course we missed our kiddos, but we did decide next year we need a WEEK not a weekend, HAHA!!!

Mark and I celebrated EIGHT years married last week. Holy moly. Wouldn't trade that guy for anything. We went to A. Lure here in Savannah, which is our absolute favorite. The best food and service in town. They go above and beyond. 

Can't beat that Savannah sunset...

For Father's Day the girls got Daddy a gift card to Bass Pro... so of course we went there on Father's Day. He cashed it in on some good looking Columbia gear. :)

The girls love Bass Pro like most kids do... all they want to see are the fishies.....

Bedtime shenanigans.... Evans love to hug her sister... which ends up being more of a choke hold.. and Mae Caroline protests every time....

Mae Caroline is wearing size 18 months, size 4 diapers, size 4 shoes. She is saying mama, dada, bye bye, heeeeeeey and hiiiiii (draws them both out like a true southern girl), uh oh, and oh no. 

Loves her mama. But REALLY loves her Daddy. This one may be a Daddy's girl. I am ok with that :) 


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