Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Catching Up

Over a month ago, we celebrated my dad's 70th birthday. My brother and his girls, Mark and our girls all stayed at D-ma and Papa's house for the weekend. The girls all had so much fun together playing!

I designed this for my dad. I asked everyone some things they love about Papa, and this is what we came up with. The girls' answers are the best!!

Also over a month ago, we celebrated Valentine's Day out on the town! We went to one of our favorite places, Alligator Soul thanks to a gift card from my friend Meredith. It was, as always, DELICIOUS. We finally saved up room for the banana beignets too, and they were as good as everyone says. 

Also over a month ago... we hosted a Super Bowl party and had our hearts broken. Go Falcons, what a game. Curses.

Also over a month ago, this little girl turned ONE. 

February was busy! 


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