Friday, January 27, 2017

11 Months

ELEVEN!!! 11 months. Holy smokes. We are in the throws of figuring out what to do for a FIRST BIRTHDAY party. How did we get here!!!!!!!???????? Everything goes faster with child #2. Oh man. 

Month ELEVEN has brought on more teeth (8 teeth total now!), more weight (21 pounds!), a little bit of hair (still mostly bald), and more smiles (always smiling). Wearing size 4 diapers, 18 months and 18-24 months clothes. Mae Caroline is the HAPPIEST girl I think I've ever met. She is so content. Hubs calls her the "gateway baby" because once you have one like her, you feel like you should have more and more. Eek. 

She is cruising all around furniture, walking while holding onto something, and standing on her own for a few seconds at a time. Babbling but no real first words yet.

She's doing much better with solids, thankfully! She's finally gotten over her texture fear and gag reflex. Three meals a day (and she likes to feed herself) and a snack. I'm trying to get her to use sippy cups but so far not much luck. Any suggestions? We've tried no spill cups, straw cups, taken the leak-proof spout out of the cups, etc and she's just not having it. 

She's started bathing without her bath seat. I finally trusted her to have the balance to hold her own against her big sister in the tub. HA. They LOVE bath time together! It's so cute watching them play.

Evans and Mae Caroline are mostly inseparable. They love time outdoors and love to swing together and stroll together. 

This month we also had a play date with Ash and her little one Emma. MC and Emma are just 3 months apart and destined to be best friends like their mamas! 

We also cheered the Falcons on all the way to the SUPER BOWL!! 

Happy 11 months, Mae Caroline! We love you!


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