Tuesday, February 23, 2016

40 Weeks

How far along? #*A$)@$*)@#($*! weeks. Hello, overdue, yet again. 40 weeks, 3 days.

Size of baby? size of an average 10 year old.

How I'm changing? I'm so over this and DONE DONE DONE. I am more miserable than last week and maybe more miserable than I've ever been before in my life. Back hurts constantly, can't breathe, my hips are starting to really hurt. Other than that, I'm apparently NOT changing. NO progress today at the doctor. She basically told me it's perfectly normal for some women to go 42 weeks and I just might if I don't get induced. SO, induction is scheduled for March 5th unless the hospital gets an opening sooner or I actually do go into labor (fat chance). My girls are stubborn, what can I say. All the walking, strolling Evans, spicy food, house cleaning, bouncing on the yoga ball, etc. hasn't done a dang thing. This baby is staying put.

Ready? YES. Bring on the no sleep, messy diapers, crying newborn. I'm an emotional tired mess right now and need to not be pregnant a minute longer. Oh my goodness.

Best moment of the week? Well it definitely wasn't my doctor's appointment today. No overdue mom wants to hear "high, tight, closed... could be 2 more weeks".  I'm thankful she's healthy and I'm healthy, but she's got to get moving. Mae Caroline, get out!

Big Sister likes to point at the belly and say "baby come on!" and "happy birthday!". One of these days it will be her birthday. Let's just hope that's before March 5th!!!!

Evans keeps me going. She makes me laugh and loves me so. I'm so ready to get back to normal (or a new normal, anyways) and be able to play and do normal Mommy-Evans activities. The guilt I've felt from not being able to be 100% with her here lately is just dreadful. I'm thankful Hubs has been able to be home and taken on the Evans duties. Nights are hard on me with contractions (irregular, of course) and back/hip pain. He's completely taken over bedtime routine, dinner, cleaning, etc. It makes me feel extremely guilty when Evans will say "let Mommy rock me!" and I just can't do it.
Ready to be able to rock both my girls. Ready for this long, long pregnancy journey to be done.

This was a complaining post and I'm sure I sound ungrateful. It's just where I'm at right now. Miserable. In pain. Huge. Depressed. READY. And that's the truth.


Amber said...

Bless your heart! Here's hoping that "the truth" will set Miss Mae Caroline free!

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