Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree

How lovely are your branches! Who doesn't love getting their tree up? We have to use an artificial tree each year since I'm allergic to the real thing (like eyes swelling shut allergic), but it's kind of nice to not have to buy one and worry about it dying. I'm also not a huge fan of the tree smell. Call me crazy, but it kind of gives me a headache. We got this artificial tree about 6 years ago from Target AFTER Christmas so it was on mega sale. The lights at the top just recently went out, so we had to replace them with what we had- LED lights. For whatever reason the LED lights turn up green on my camera (I'm NOT a photographer). They aren't green in real life.

I went with a blue theme so it looked cute in our living room. In the past I've done a lot of black and white, gold and silver, gold and red, red and white, etc. Basically all the traditional Christmasy stuff. I felt like with all the turquoise, blue, and green we have going on in our house, red would feel out of place. It was kind of fun to do something totally different this year!

I like to look through my fabric stash to use for ribbon. I don't think I've ever bought the wide ribbon you find in stores. It's so freaking expensive and doesn't go very far. Fabric remnants are much more affordable. Especially when you are a hoarder, I mean collector, like me.  The large sections of fabric here are actually cheap curtains I had from HomeGoods, cut into strips and shoved into the tree. 

I also like to use cut up pieces of tulle to add volume and color to a tree. I bought tulle this year from Hobby Lobby in a sea foam color. Five yards cost around $7 and it was more than enough. 

I did buy the turquoise ribbon for my presents and stuffed a few pieces into the tree. 

I like for my wrapping to match the tree. OCD much?? Yes, probably. 

For the top of the tree, I used sticks from the yard. My husband thought I was actually doing yard work, then was very confused when all the sticks came inside with me. Ha. Again, way cheaper than buying anything in the floral section. Just shop your own lawn. 

I also used a feather boa to add some volume around the star. 

The star is actually meant to light up, but I made the mistake of adding it on top too late and can't reach the cords to plug it in. Oops. 

And just like that, our tree is done. I also finished all my Christmas shopping. I'm on a roll this year! 

Evans is kind of in awe of the tree and the gifts. She's not really interested in breaking or opening anything.... yet. On the other hand, I did break several ornaments in the process. There's always a few tragedies when I decorate a tree. I'll blame pregnancy this time. 

December 2nd, and it's 75 degrees in Savannah. Hot or not, Christmas has arrived at our house. 

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Gorgeous tree, Ashley. It has finally cooled down here. Your picket fence is cute, too and I love that y'all painted the exterior brick white.

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