Monday, November 23, 2015

Picket Fence Progress

Our picket fence started going up on Saturday thanks to my handy hubby and my builder daddy! I was thinking they would only get the post holes dug, but to my surprise they finished the entire front portion of the fence. Crazy! Hubs was worried beforehand that a picket fence would make our yard look smaller, but I think it does the opposite. I like the fact that once this is done the kids can't just run out the door into the street.  A little less mommy stress is a good thing.

I chose to go with dog ear pickets. I like the straight edges a little more than the actual points. Just a personal preference. Honestly I'd have been thrilled with either, never thought I'd really be getting a picket fence house!

The posts will be cut down and capped as well. I chose to go with these post caps. They are from Lowe's. I think these will help give the fence a more finished look.

Construction resumes tomorrow and Wednesday. They'll finish up the side yard and the driveway. The driveway will get a gate so that I can shut it when the kids want to ride bikes or scooters, etc. in the driveway. Again, the less mommy stress the better.

After snapping these pictures, we immediately set out to Home Depot to buy heavy duty mildew cleaner made for shingles. Hopefully it works to rid our roof of these mildew stains because the roof is not very old!

Evans isn't all that interested in the fence, but she's been Papa's shadow since he got into town. I've been able to distract her just long enough with play-doh and trail mix snacks for Papa to be able to work. :) Hopefully Wednesday all the construction will be completed. Next week the fence will be painted white! I'm already dreaming of landscaping in the spring. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Your fence is so cute! I'm with you on minimizing the mommy stress! I love that I have a fenced back yard, and I can just throw the boys out there without worry!

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

Thank you!

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