Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Under Construction: Hall Bathroom Week 3

So this project is taking a little while. The bathroom is at least now functional though and we've used it several times already! So nice to have two bathrooms again!

The plumbers came on Friday and hooked up the toilet, vanity and shower.

My dad came back in town on Sunday and finished hanging the crown molding, baseboard, window and door trim. He also taped the sheetrock and got a few coats of mud on the wall.  

Hopefully we (well, Hubs, seeing as I am still on "light duty" due to some pregnancy issues) can start painting all the trim/walls/etc this weekend! It kills me not being able to help out the way I want to. I'm the painter in the house and find it so therapeutic. Hubs, on the other hand, does not like it one bit. Ho hum.

The beadboard and trim will all be white. The 30" above the beadboard I'm going out of my usual comfort zone with CORAL. I usually prefer an almost-white, white, or gray paint color. This bathroom has a lot of those colors going on already. It's a small space, and with the tall 66" beadboard, it really needs some sort of splash. Seeing as this IS supposed to be our coastal cottage, why not do something fun? I'm leaning towards either Behr Watermelon Slice or Behr Youthful Coral.  One is more orange, one is more pink. Hubs will say they are both the same color.

behr watermelon slice

behr youthful coral 

My friend is making a relaxed roman shade for the window in this fabric. She is really good at sewing so I'm excited that she didn't mind helping me out!

I picked up a few accessories at Home Depot yesterday from the Delta Silverton collection. I stuck with polished chrome for some bling. We needed a towel ring for beside the sink, a paper holder, and towel hooks/rod. I'm not a huge fan of towel rods, mainly because I'm too lazy to fold a towel over one. I would much rather just throw a towel on a hook and be done with it. That's just me. 

I grabbed these hooks by Moen. They are actually robe hooks, but I was hoping they could hold a towel, too. Turns out, they don't do a great job at that. It's really too small, so back they go. 

I'll be picking up these hooks, also from the Delta Silverton collection. I didn't go with them at first because I was afraid they stuck out into the room too far (5.5").  Hopefully they won't feel too obtrusive. 

So, we are almost-almost done. Maybe another week? We'll see.....


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