Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Our Weekend

It's been raining non stop thanks to tropical storm Erika. Our ferns are loving the rain though! They have really gotten big.

Saturday we played around the house with Evans and ran some errands. We also got our kitchen organized and took a ton of stuff to Goodwill. We still have the china cabinet to go through, but it's amazing how many random serving dishes, casserole pans, glasses, etc. we just do not use and do not need. It made for some extra room and I love how organized all my cabinets are now! The rest of Saturday was very lazy. I made spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner with a salad (my first time cooking in quite a while). Early to bed.

Sunday morning was church. We were running around like crazy trying to get Evans and ourselves ready to make it to the 9am service. Quick showers, breakfast, and out the door. Dropped off Evans at the nursery and headed to the new sanctuary at CBC Sav. It's gorgeous! It was only the second Sunday having been open, so we were excited to see it. As service got started, we stood up to greet people and were standing there singing. During the second song I started feeling a hot flash and getting dizzy. Not unusual for me, I've had bad hot flashes this entire pregnancy. I couldn't get it under control, so I thought maybe I just needed to get sick and would feel better. I told Hubs I was off to the bathroom.

I headed out to the hallway and started getting tunnel vision and felt disoriented. I ran into the wall in front of the doors and someone asked if I needed help finding something. "Yea, the bathroom" and I basically ran to it. I didn't get sick though, but continued to feel extremely dizzy. I decided I needed to get Hubs out of the sanctuary so we could get Evans and leave. I left the bathroom and found an usher standing outside the sanctuary doors. I had intentions of telling him where Hubs was sitting and could he please go find him. That's about all I remember.

I woke up to people surrounding me and trying to get me to drink water. I remember them saying she may be dehydrated, call 911, etc. I managed to get out "Did I pass out??" I was so confused and still feeling dizzy. Luckily a nice man was standing there when I started to go down and caught me before impact. Holy cow. So scary. I left church on a stretcher and was taken to the ER for tests just to be safe. All checked out ok with me and baby, except that my blood pressure was a little low which probably caused me to faint.

I'm guessing the combination of not eating or drinking enough that morning, and standing up for a long period of time got me. I never had dizzy spells or fainting with Evans, so this was new to me and I'm still a little shocked/embarrassed!! Just add it to the drama of this pregnancy so far.

Thankfully my Aunt Paula and cousin Steph came to the hospital to get Evans and take her for the day. We were discharged around 1 and went home. I took a long nap, and then went to bed at 7 and slept through to Monday morning. I haven't felt too bad since, but I'm making sure to drink tons of water and eat constantly. Yikes, I really don't want to pass out again!! I'm so thankful for my family and my husband and our wonderful church who took care of me. We've had several phone calls from church members to make sure that I was doing better. Love you all so much.

OK switching gears now, away from scary as crap pregnancy talk to what I love talking about best. HOUSE RENOVATIONS! Our bathroom renovation starts next Tuesday!!! I seriously cannot wait. I know they can't do it in a day, but dang I wish they could. I'm not sure how long it will end up taking, but I'm guessing around 2 weeks.

Another small renovation we are tackling (by we, I mean Hubs and my dad) is the kitchen. My dad built new kitchen cabinets for us shaker style. They are primed and ready to be installed after paint. Our sink recently started leaking bad, so we're having to replace it. While we are at it, we're also considering redoing the countertops. We have granite right now, but this just isn't a "granite house" if that makes sense. It's too traditional for this cottage.

I'm wanting a butcher block countertop. I've seen it in a couple houses down here, and have fallen head over heels. Not in the literal meaning as in fainting, which really isn't a joke considering Sunday's episode.....

This is all to be continued.... but our new kitchen hardware did come in today! Yes!

So that's all that we've got going on around here. Our world and our house is a little upside down right now, but we are excited!

Today also marks our ONE YEAR to the day moving to Savannah. Can't believe how fast a year has gone by. Today is also the first time I've felt baby girl move!!! I woke up this morning around 5:30am feeling her doing what I can only imagine as cartwheels. The best feeling!


Gordon Patton said...

It seems that you just had a pretty excellent weekend! It's a relief that you have focused on the state of your kitchen as well, and have proceeded on renovating it. This should mean a better kitchen for everyone, or at least more efficient sinks! Good day!

Gordon Patton @ Bison Plumbing

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