Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hall Bathroom Plans

Thank you all so very much for the kind words and emails, etc. after I shared my news Monday. I am feeling the love, and was surprised to hear from so many that have been through similar. Now I know that it's more common than I thought and that I am not alone. Thank you for the prayers! It means so much to our family.  XOXO

Moving on to something much more lighthearted and fun- like renovation plans. Our hall bath is about to get a complete gut job! It's the guest and kid bathroom and probably gets the most use being right off the main living areas. It's also not seen a bit of updates since maybe 1950 when the house was built. The only things we are keeping are the light fixture and the medicine cabinet/mirror. I'll let these pictures speak for themselves. It's time for a face lift.

Gorgeous purple, green and mauve...

I'm already testing paint colors, no patience...

Our molding, chipping vanity.... purple and gray tile floors....

More mauve and green love. 


Demo should be starting (I HOPE) this week. Should be about 2 days of demo and a week or so of laying tile and setting the new plumbing, tub, and vanity. Hooray!! I can't wait for Evans to have a nice new bathroom. I'm still washing her in the BABY TUB (yes, I'm serious) because I didn't want to get her in the nasty old cracking and peeling tub. I'm sure she'll appreciate the space and freedom to roam, considering she's almost 2 and still being washed like an infant!!

Hubs and I picked up our tile and got the tub, etc ordered this week. I opted for this Martha Stewart vanity in gray from Home Depot. I love that it's coastal feeling, and it's the right size to squeeze into this small bath. I also love that it has legs and an open shelf. I think that will make the space feel a little more roomy being able to see under the cabinet.

The shower will be your typical 3x6 white subway tile (also Home Depot). At $1.76 sq ft that seemed like a no brainer. It's ceramic and hard working, and that's perfect for a kid bath. 

The flooring is a porcelain tile that looks like wood planks. It's from Floor & Decor. $3.30 sq ft. Also a no brainer. I would love to say we could put marble throughout this bathroom, but marble is not strong enough to withstand Evans and all of her antics! Plus, it's way out of our budget. 

For plumbing, we used Sandpiper Supply Co. here in Savannah. They have the best selection I think, plus they give a professional designer/ contractor discount which I definitely took advantage of! Score! We went with Moen. It's easiest to install (so our plumber is happy) and it's a good brand with great reviews, and the prices are fair. I chose the Brantford collection in chrome. Simple, traditional, timeless. Done and done. 

We also ordered a new tub from Sandpiper. It's just your typical rectangular white tub. One that's not chipping, not yellow, and not 70 years old. HA. 

For the main walls, my dad is installing beadboard 66" high. It'll be about 2/3rds the height of the room. I'm thinking I'll paint the top portion of the wall a fun color since the rest of the bath will be gray and white and very neutral. 

So there you have it! Can't wait for this project to be underway. I may have to start using the kid bath!


Amanda said...

I love the new flooring choice. All the choices really, but I especially love that. I actually really like the original flooring. ha! :) My sister's house on IOH has this same floor. The color may be slightly different but same pattern.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I think I have the exact same mauve in my boys' bathroom - the floor tile and tub. We replaced the mauve sink and toilet with white (fill ins until we can renovate). It's such a hodge podge - the wall tile is cream with avocado flecks. What were people thinking in the 60s? Iook forward to your renovation - I'm sure it will inspire my eventual renovation (hopefully sooner rather than later!).

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