Monday, December 15, 2014

My First Savannah Show

Well, my first experience in a Savannah show was on Saturday! What an experience it was. It was a beautiful day to spend outdoors, thankfully. We were there a full day basically, and the skies were bright and sunny. I actually had to ditch the scarf and jacket because it ended up being pretty warm with highs at 70! Crazy. December in Savannah is kind of awesome. 

It was a great opportunity to meet other artists and vendors. Everyone was so helpful and receptive, which is a nice welcome to the newcomer. I was a legit rookie among these people! I learned a great deal and got excellent advice to take with me to the next show. 

Among the vendors was artist Lee Ann DeLeo. She's an amazing photographer and also has lovely oil paintings. Check out her available work at her website. She's also the leader of Down with Dogs Yoga at Bonna Bella Yacht Club.

My husband's favorite vendor was Georgia Oyster Knife. He spent my profits at this booth. HA.

I also met Veronica of Huckleberry 6. She doesn't have a website yet, but I told her she has to get one! Her work is so great. She makes soaps and bath products, banners, aprons, and plenty of other cool stuff. My favorite was her fabric maps. She uses any fabrics you choose and sews them together to create a unique framed map. The frame itself is made of old road maps. I loved this idea!

And lastly, I met the sweet ladies of The QuaileLine, Anne and Ellie. They make these painted horseshoe crabs, how adorable?! They have all sorts of styles to choose from and also do special order. Anything you can dream up they can do. Oh, and I should mention, no horseshoe crabs are harmed in the making of this product! They find and collect the crabs that have already passed. It's a great way to recycle and give them new life.

As for the Boot, she stayed with my cousin Brooke and had a play day with cousins Cooper and Jackson. Needless to say, she went to bed yesterday at 5:40 and I woke her up this morning (yes, WOKE her) at 8:15. She was EXHAUSTED! Those boys wore her out. 

The work I did not sell will be listed in my Etsy shop later today. Such a fun weekend, thanks to everyone that came out to support the locals. Amazing community here in Savannah.  Thanks again, Bonna Bella, for hosting!


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