Monday, December 8, 2014

First Birthday Party

Evans won't officially be one until this Saturday, but we had her first birthday party over the weekend! We decided to try and keep it low key as it's a one year old's birthday and she won't remember a thing. We just invited family and a couple of very close friends. It went off without any drama, hooray! Thankful we were able to share this memory with so much family in Savannah. She had fun running around my aunt's house, as usual, and playing with her cousins.

As far as decor, I purchased most of it from the dollar store! For real. My cousin Ali made a "Happy Birthday Evans" burlap flag banner that turned out so cute. Hubs smoked a boston butt, and my cousin Stephanie threw together delicious sides- bacon baked beans, white cheddar mac-n-cheese, 7 layer salad, and a corn dressing. So good! Evans pigged out, which is the norm. It's funny, as much as she loves food, she wasn't really sure about the birthday cake. I fully expected her to put her face in it, but she really just pushed around the icing. Too funny.

Thanks to all family that came. We love you all! Evans sure is a lucky girl.


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