Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween on Bluff Drive

Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday weekend! We had a great time. Evans is technically too little for trick or treating and candy eating, but it's one of my favorite traditions from childhood. I love the creativity of Halloween and being a bit spooked :) I got Evans a pink pirate costume from Chasing Fireflies. It was too cute and fit great. Who doesn't love a good pirate? Arrrrr
My cousin Brooke came along with the boys, Cooper and Jackson. We tried to get pictures before heading out, but of course it was pure chaos. The pirate was trying to roll around and eat the grass and leaves, Captain America was running around, and Thor was yelling "Lets Go! Lets Go!" There were many takes, and this was the best we could do.... 
I hadn't experienced a Bluff Drive Halloween yet, but had been told it's like a mini St. Pat's. It was nuts. When we first arrived on the scene, it was mostly families with young kids. As the night went on, the street got exceedingly crowded and the age group older. By the time we left around 8:00, tricked out golf carts (like blinking neon lights, smoke machines, strobe lights, haunted music) were showing up for the fun. It was insane! I think we missed the craziest of it all, which was ok with me. 
The kids had a blast going up to each house, and Brooke and I had a blast peeking into all the gorgeous homes. 
Here's my favorite house on the street. And they stole the show for Halloween. They had an entire candy store set up! Display cases of full sized candy bars, just like at the movies. And at the end of the candy store you also got to pick out a fresh cookie from Two Smart Cookies. Unreal. 
All of the houses looked so pretty lit up at night. 
Chandeliers hanging from the oak trees, amazing. Spanish moss seems a bit ghostly on a Halloween night. You know Savannah is supposedly the most haunted city in America... So far I haven't seen a single ghost. ;)
Some of the early crowd... It got way crazier. 
The view on Bluff Drive that night displayed a beautiful sunset. I am glad the weather was still warm on Friday. The weekend was freezing and would have made for a cold trick or treat. But Friday the temps were around 68. Perfect. 
When we got back to the house, Evans was all but sleeping and definitely ready for her bath, bottle, bed routine. Jackson was zonked, and Cooper was starving. He ate two pieces of pizza and said "Mom, I'll be hungry when we get home, too", so I gave him a slice for the road. Silly. Needless to say, they all slept great that night and probably dreamed of pumpkins and candy.

I dreamed I lived on Bluff Drive. 


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