Monday, July 14, 2014

7 Months

Evans Elizabeth just turned 7 months old! What a month it has been. She had her first swimming experience and loved the water. One of our favorite activities is heading to the pool! It entertains her and wears her right out. 

She has her two bottom teeth now, and I think she is cutting a top tooth. She is constantly feeling them with her hands and sticking out her tongue. Still no huge teething troubles, thank the Lord!

On her first 4th of July, she was in the neighborhood parade. She was a big hit with all that cuteness :) The fireworks that night woke her up, but she got herself back to sleep. She is still an amazing sleeper  and I am so thankful. Her sleep schedule is up for day at 7, nap 9-10:30, nap 12:30-2, sleeps 6:30pm-7am, start all over again. Some days her naps are short, but her night sleep is fabulous. Thanks, E!

She spent time with lots of family. Checking out flowers with Granddaddy....

Attending her first Houston reunion...

Cheering on the Braves with Daddy...

And Gigi came to visit! 

She is all over the place these days. A very busy girl. She is crawling, sitting up, and pulling up now. 

We had to lower her crib because I was afraid she'd climb out of it. I may have to invest in a crib tent to keep her from escaping!

Her hair is getting longer and is starting to get wavy just like her daddy's. 

I started introducing a sippy cup with breakfast and dinner, and she is now getting the hang of it. She takes 4 bottles a day (at 7, 11, 2, and 6) and gets solids at 8 am and 5 pm. I've started giving her small chunks of food (so far bananas, cantaloupe, and avocado) and sweet potato puffs and she loves it. She hasn't quite mastered feeding herself (she can pick up the food but usually drops it on the way to her mouth, ha!). So far, she's a good eater. 

She loves bath time and all her toys. My biggest battle at bath time is getting her to sit her butt down. She wants to stand and climb out. She is a mess.

I think her favorite toy is still the jumper. She gets wild in it! 

I take her shopping almost every day. Even if we aren't buying anything, it's nice to get out and about and she loves riding in the carts.

Happy 7 months, Little Girl. We love you so much!!!


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