Thursday, May 8, 2014

Twenty One Weeks

In a few days, E will be 5 months old. I'm so proud of how far she's come from her screaming infant days. She's now such a sweet baby, although she still has her moments. We enjoy her more with every day that passes. I'm so thankful God gave her to us! 

This week she has really started babbling a lot. Her vocabulary isn't that extensive yet (har har). Most of what she says sounds something along these lines "ooohhhh bah bah blue bee bah maba ma ooohhh". It is so cute hearing her discover her own voice. This is the first week she has tried out new sounds. She usually is our squealing little pterodactyl baby, but this week it seems like she wants to speak! Cuter than cute.

We stopped using the carseat insert in her stroller, and she's now strolling facing out like a big girl. She absolutely LOVES to stroll. I think she'd do it all day if Mommy were up for it. 

She gets very bored easily now. Gone are the days of her playing on her activity mat for an hour, content as can be. She still loves her mat, but only for a short time. Then she wants to do something else. I'm her personal circus clown for most of the day! 

She's starting to like her exercauser more now that she has stronger legs to bounce around.

She loves tummy time these days, and insists on rolling to her front whenever I lay her down. She pencil rolls all over the place and it cracks me up. 

She's teething and so everything goes in her mouth. Love these chew beads my friend sent. They are necklaces moms can wear and are specifically made for teething babies. Evans loves it!

She wants to crawl SO BAD. She tries and tries. She gets her legs up under her, and then can't figure out how to push forward using her arms and legs at the same time. This frustrates her so much. Here she is whining about it. She'll get it soon enough; then I'll really be busy!

On breastfeeding- E and I are both kind of over it. She has become the world's laziest nurser, and would much rather take a bottle. I've had to start pumping for that reason to make sure she eats. Otherwise, she'll starve herself! It's ridiculous. I still nurse her in the mornings, but the rest of the day she takes a bottle. Being a slave to the pump is kind of a drag. I've started supplementing some this week with formula. I want to gradually get her used to it because I'd really like to be done breastfeeding at 6 months (another month to go!). She is taking the formula pretty well, so I'm thankful for that. She's now up to 3 bottles a day half Gerber Good Start Gentle/half breastmilk. She nurses in the morning and gets a bottle of breastmilk at 6:00.  I always said I'd try to go 6 months, and that's still the plan. Although I can't wait to have my body back to myself! I know some moms will frown on that, but I really think you have to do what's best for you and your children, whatever the situation may be. I was a formula baby and I turned out just fine... although Hubs might beg to differ :)

She loves Daddy time. Hubs usually feeds her the 6:00 bottle and calms her down before bath time with me. They have "daddy daughter dance time", which usually consists of Neil Diamond and parading around the living room together. Heart. Melts. 

Here she is watching Daddy unload groceries. I couldn't stop laughing at this picture Hubs took. How small does she look? 

My almost 5 month old, I couldn't imagine life without your stinky pants in it. Every morning, your Daddy and I fight over who gets to pick you up from your crib. Every night, we stare at the video monitor while you sleep. Just watching you and wondering what you might be dreaming of and what tomorrow will bring. Wondering how much older you might seem in the morning, and terrified of the day you realize just how big the world is. Bigger than Mommy and Daddy. Bigger than you can even imagine. So much for you to see and do. So many new experiences for you to have. And if you think we love you now, girl, you ain't seen nothin' yet.


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