Wednesday, May 14, 2014

5 Months

FIVE MONTHS! You are some kind of stinker, little E, and we LOVE YOU.


She is getting quite the personality on her. She knows what she wants when she wants it. If she doesn't get her way, she will whine. Ha. I have no idea where that came from...


She is exploring everything now... even Dad's beard. 

She has a ton of chew toys, but she prefers her toes to them all.

She is about as sweet as can be before bath time. I LOVE this time of night. It's so funny because I used to have the worst bed time anxiety because she would fight me tooth and nail going to bed. Now she loves to take her bath, have her bottle, and get into her crib. Some nights she falls right to sleep. Other nights she will play and talk to herself for 30 minutes or so until she is out. It is so funny to hear her conversations. I wish I knew what she was thinking. Her preferred sleeping position is still on her tummy, but now she sticks her butt in the air. It's hilarious to see because sometimes she even wiggles her butt in her sleep. HA!

Girl is definitely TEETHING and drooling all over the place.  She wants to grab and chew on everything now, so I really have to watch what she does. 


She wants to crawl so bad. I think she's still a few weeks or so out from doing it though. She gets her legs up under her and then can't figure out how to make them go where she wants. It's cute to watch her try. She mainly army crawls in circles at this point. 

The bald spot on the back of her head is finally starting to grow in! 


We are working on sitting. Although, it's mostly a hunched over tripod right now. 


Chilling with her daddy in the kitchen. She doesn't mind the bumpo too much, but I can't say that it is her favorite. 

Hubs made me feel very special on Mother's Day. We aren't the sappy type, so of course he got me THIS card. HA. Gotta love him. 


The day started with pancakes, sausage, mimosas and fresh roses from our yard. 

He also bought me a one-hour massage, and this AWESOME blanket! It's by JJ Cole. It's a 5x7 outdoor blanket that folds up into a messenger bag. E LOVES IT! And so do I. It's so nice to be able to get outside with her for an hour or so everyday. 

We have two huge maple trees in our yard, so they provide some nice shade for her to play in.


I'm glad she doesn't mind hats yet.... I'm just waiting for that to change. 


She is now taking 3 bottles a day 6-7 ounces each. All half breastmilk/half formula. I only nurse her in the mornings nowadays, but that is going to soon change, too. She is doing great with the Gerber Good Start, and in a couple of weeks we are going to try out oatmeal for the first time! Can't wait! 


I really do think breastfeeding was a great experience with E. I would definitely do it again with baby #2 down the road. However, feeding her a bottle is just as sweet. It's about the only time during the day she will sit still, cuddle, and let me hold her. I really love these moments. 

Her schedule hasn't changed too much. She still sleeps all through the night, 12-13 hours, which I've been told is unheard of by several people. I am counting my lucky stars and praying she will always be a grandiose sleeper from here on out! She naps 3 times a day now, anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. She is also staying up longer between naps now, which is GREAT because we can actually go places and do things together easier than before. She stays up around 2-2.5 hours now.

Typical routine:

6:00AM- sometimes I hear her talking and playing , but she ALWAYS goes back to sleep, so I never go in and get her.
7:30-8:00 UP, nurse
9:00 Nap 1
11:00 Bottle- 6 oz
12:00 Nap 2
2:00 Bottle- 6 oz
3:00 Nap 3
6:00 Bottle- 6oz
6:15-6:30 ish  Bath
6:30-7:00 ish  Bed!


5 Months, and thankful for every last minute. 


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