Thursday, December 12, 2013

41 Weeks

How far along? 41 weeks and counting, people... Apparently I'm pretty darn good at growing a baby. I could probably grow a teenager if I wanted. 42 weeks is considered "full" term... Like end of spectrum before you are considered overdue or post-term. I'm almost positive I could make it that long... Sigh!

Size of baby? My doctor estimated 8-8.5 lbs... We will see. Feels like 20.

How I'm changing? Everything from last week times 10. My back is constantly throbbing now. I wake up at 3am every morning and come down to the couch and lean on my heating pad. 

Eviction date? December 13th! My doctor and I decided the next step would be induction. I'm in misery and can't take another day I don't think! I have mixed thoughts and a slew of emotions on this decision that will have to come on another blog post at another time. Just praying now that we are making the right call for everyone's health. 

How I'm feeling? Emotional! It's hard to wrap my head around the idea that it's the last night as Hubs, Blakers and me. It's sad and yet so exciting all at once. Hard to describe, but we are ready.

Best moment of the week? Honestly, Blakely has been the sweetest dog ever this week. She comes and snuggles by my side early in the mornings when my back is killing me. When I'm on the couch trying to get through the day, she's been right there next to me or laying on my feet. It's like she knows I'm in pain. I love her to the moon and back. Dogs rule. Especially this one. 


Days til due date?  -7 y'all. It's so time. 

This is what 41 weeks looks like. No shower, no makeup, and clothes that don't fit. Cheers. 

The blog might be quiet for a bit as we figure out our new jobs as mom, dad, and big sister doggy. Gladly accepting prayers and good labor vibes! Thanks for following along the past 9+ months. It's been a long and crazy ride!


Shannon Harrill said...

I'm excited for you Ashley, you guys will be so full of emotion when baby Evens comes :)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

How exciting that tomorrow is the big day!! I sure hope you have an easy time. Your dog does know you need comforting. How sweet.

Tery H said...

Good luck! It's the most exciting day of your to your wedding!
You will fall so hard in love with her in minutes!

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