Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Evolving Style

So, I was looking through some older pictures on the blog and saved on my computer, and it made me laugh. Do you feel like your style is always changing and evolving? Mine definitely is. These move-in 2011 pictures v. now 2013 are evidence to how much I've changed. And you can totally tell what a real camera can do... Prior to this year, all my photos were iPhone only. 

How much have you and your house changed? 


Julia | Pawleys Island Posh said...

I can't even handle my house in Pawleys. I almost take the pictures down from my site daily. They make me cringe. But I was in my twenties. I had zero money(taste?) to spend and thought ordering two new chairs from target was taking a plunge into investing in furniture. I loved color and NEW. I drooled over blogs that had all idea furniture with some colorful DIY art. Our first house in Richmond was just a hodge podge of furniture from Pawleys that didn't fit the style or size rooms. It was awful. Even the office makeover I did just a year ago feels so overly designed and over the op now. I did love my bedroom there though. Oh, my how things have changed. I hope our new house becomes a reflection of our style.

Kris @ Driven by D├ęcor said...

What a difference a couple of years makes! Your house is so beautiful and welcoming. My house is ever evolving too - it's downright embarrassing to look at the decorating that I did 5+ years ago!

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