Thursday, November 21, 2013

38 Weeks

How far along? 38 weeks

Size of baby? the size of a newborn baby! Around 7 lbs and up to 21 inches in length.

How I'm changing? HA and I thought I was uncomfortable BEFORE. Good gravy, have mercy. Little bit is officially out of room. I constantly feel a knee, elbow, foot, or all of the above poking me, even when she isn't moving. She can be completely still and I feel her. Crunched in there like a stepsister's foot in a glass slipper. Braxton Hicks are much stronger now. Cramps like crazy. Did I mention I'm uncomfortable? Trying to walk more everyday and get this show on the road....

What I expected? I seriously expected stretch marks, linea nigra, swelling, crazy heartburn, and headaches all day long. I have none of the above. None of it! I suppose that can change in the next few weeks, though.

What I didn't expect? SCIATICA. Baby kicks to be painful and startling. Fight Club-like insomnia. Time standing still. But I'd gladly do it all again. Gladly.

Nesting? Oh yes. The house is cleaned. Hubs packed his bag. Finished a few projects around the house and more baby laundry loads. Grabbed my personal stuff from work just in case. We ready, we ready!

almost finished painting the can see at the bottom where I can't reach because I can't contort myself in that position... ha.

ready to add some styling to this bad boy... it's crying for texture. 

almost finished redoing the dining room chairs.....

and started pulling out some Christmas....

Best moment of the week? Baby girl's room being featured on House of Turquoise and Pawleys Island Posh! I can't wait to show her one day.. you know when this thing called "internet" is yesterday's news. Blogger Cloud 9 nonetheless.

Days to due date? FOUR. TEEN. 1. 4. 14. FOURTEEN. ONE. FOUR. Two weeks. So excited!

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, I'll probably be super late my luck. ;) Until the big day, it's a whole lot of waiting with these two.... 


Anonymous said...

Love your blog!!!! You look great!

Christi Harder

Leslie said...

Children are wonderful and having a baby changes your life forever:) Enjoy every moment!

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