Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Orleans

Hubs and I went to New Orleans over the weekend. It was my first trip there and probably my last, ha! I think I'm too old to hang out in that city.  We had a good time though, until the stomach bug hit me Saturday which was horrible. Not at all ideal to get sick on a VACATION. Boo hiss. In any event, we made it to my friend Flower's wedding which was absolutely beautiful, and that's all that matters.

Thursday and Friday we pretty much spent in the French Quarter being tourists. We had beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde, strolled around shops in the square, saw the first Catholic church built in America, and caught an IMAX movie about hurricanes on the bayou.

Saturday we decided to venture over to the Warehouse District and see the civil war museum. The museum housed some pretty cool stuff, which made for a very happy hubby. The best place we ate our whole trip was a place we stumbled across on Saturday while in the Warehouse District. It's called the Warehouse Grill. It was sort of a newer place that had just opened. It was really relaxed and chill and they played awesome music and had a huge patio. Definitely our laid back South-Carolina-speed for sure. We liked it so much, we ended up eating there TWICE.

Saturday night was the big wedding. Flower got married downtown at an old and beautiful Catholic church. She was gorgeous! I wish I had gotten more pictures. Shame on me! The reception was at The Chicory, and let me tell you, the food was amazing. I wish I had felt better and could have eaten more of it. They had all sorts of yummy fried seafood and New Orleans dishes. And a full bar, of which I really had little interest in since I wasn't feeling well at all. Grrrr. In any event, Flower got married and is now enjoying her honeymoon in Rome. Oh, and by the way, they are meeting the Pope, yes THE POPE, who is going to bless their marriage. Cool, huh? Congrats to the newlyweds!!

Sunday I started feeling a little bit better, but was SO ready to get home to my own bed. Our flight wasn't until late, so we decided to check out the National WWII museum, which was a billion times cooler than the civil war museum. I would highly recommend going if you are ever in New Orleans! We also ate at Mother's Restaurant before we left on Sunday. They have some awesome biscuits, and hubby got one of their po boys. Yum.

All in all, New Orleans is a fun city that seriously does not sleep. If you are going, be ready to party, and don't get a stomach bug while you are there! :)


Felicia said...

OMG the first and only time that I went to NOLA, my friend and I got horrendously sick a day into the trip too! Talk about flashbacks! I was never more happy to be home ;)

Mary Ann at classic•casual•home said...

Such a great recap...sorry you were sick though. I haven't been there in such a long time. I want to go back.

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