Monday, March 4, 2013

Master Bedroom Switcheroo

So, I know I said I'd post on my finished dresser today, but unfortunately hubby has been under the weather since last Thursday. Which means it was up to me to move said dresser up to the bedroom. Which means I'd need to gain super human strength in a matter of days and be able to lift said furniture up 2 flights of stairs. Or, hubby would need to miraculously get over his cold and help me. None of the above happened, and so this is the not-so-revealed dresser.... Sad!

Hopefully my man will feel better very soon and I'll be able to have clothing storage once again... But, I did manage to make the most of my free time this weekend. I decided to do a little switcheroo in our master bedroom. I moved the bed back to the main wall and rehung our wedding pictures on either side. 

By the way, I just put new sheets on our bed. I got them at Stein Mart for... wait for it.... $9.99. Yes. A king micro-fiber sheet set. Nine dollars and ninety-nine cents. Seriously, that's less than a bottle of wine. I wasn't sure how they would be considering the price tag, but I thought for that amount I could take a risk. Let me tell you, they are incredibly comfortable and have lasted through a load of laundry... so far so good. Run in there and get some for yourself. 

I'm liking the scale of the pictures with our big chunky lamps. The combination helps fill up all the negative space on a long wall.  And I moved all the furniture by myself, so maybe I did gain a little bit of that superhuman strength. Been watching too many Buffy reruns I guess. 

Of course, hubs' side of the bed is complete with a million remotes, the phone, and other random electronics.   And the current read, Argo. Anybody else read it or seen the movie?

I have half a mind to paint these nightstands black like our interior doors. What do you think? Oh, and that bearded man, that's my daddy and mama on their wedding day. It's funny they are wearing gray, they match the room. Thanks guys. This space is also known as the area where I throat punch my alarm every morning in an effort to ignore the world and sleep in.

There's that mercury glass knob from Pottery Barn; I could just about eat them if it weren't for all the glass, metal and what-not. 

I also got around to finishing my bed skirt and placing it on the bed. I am so in love with this fabric. It's vintage feedsack stripe in charcoal from Makes for a cozy sleeping situation. You know, when I'm not having my Walking Dead nightmares. Dang that show.

I had a 16x26 pillow made for the bed in that same fabric. The ikat pillow I purchased from Chic Decor Pillows on Etsy. You may have seen their work on Nate's show. It's featured and praised by Nate often. I only hate them a little bit for it.

I'd love to find a little reading lamp for this corner, and a small pedestal style table. I'll admit though, this chair is usually a resting place for all things resembling laundry, purses, and baseball hats. I figured I'd clear it out for the camera...also known as thrown on the floor to the left. :)

Hopefully we can get the dresser up to the third floor soon! Until then, I'll be tending to a sick husband. If you've ever taken care of a sick man, you know the appropriate response here is to wish me luck.
To be continued... 


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Pretty room and I think the nightstands would look great black or a charcoal gray. Hope hubby feels better soon.

natasha {schue love} said...

Loving the last picture! Is that mirror from Ikea?

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

Thanks, it sure is!

Dresden said...

Oh it's so peaceful and beautiful! Love the colors! Where is your chair from? I love it!

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

Thank you! The chair I got from Joss&Main last year. It's also on It's called Joussard Club Chair and it's in beige linen.

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