Thursday, January 24, 2013

Must Have Plates

A few more updates to the guest room.  I went shopping for my niece's birthday this weekend.  Grayson is getting the bomb Barbie house... it's 3 stories, and lights up y'all.  And plays music.  Where was that house when I was a kid?  In any event, Toys R Us just happens to be right next to Homegoods and TJ Maxx.... 

I had to get a few more plates for the wall.  They ranged from .99 to $3.99.  BREAK THE BANK! Ha.  I like the look of it now and how it fills up the space more.  I also switched out the blue and brown plates for simple white ones.  There's a lot of pattern and color going on in the rest of the room, so I thought white would be best.  I don't know, what do you think? 

my nightstands look so sad....

lanterns on the floor

I moved the orange lamps to the desk.  It seemed so wimpy before, I think the lamps help beef it up. And, I added... what else... more plates.  Our guests will never go hungry...

(*** yea, and since posting I've moved the lamps back to the nightstands and switched some other stuff around... I cannot be cured y'all, no help for the helpless).

I obviously like symmetry 

pictures from our wedding and I framed our wedding program 

Painted this frame gold.  The painting is by my father-in-law and it is of First Baptist Church in Columbia where my hubs grew up.  Oh, and I seriously need to finish painting my interior doors upstairs.  Notice the painters tape around the hardware?  Oops. 

Just a few more updates.  Come and be our guest! 


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