Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Black & White Wrapping

I'm one of those people that doesn't like matchy matchy- except when it comes to wrapping paper and your Christmas tree.  I definitely got this trait from my mom, as she would change her paper every year to go along with her tree.  This year I thought I'd do black and white for something modern.  Hubs calls it "inmate paper", which is pretty funny and accurate.  He really does think I'm crazy.  But I think it looks cute and modern under our tree. I'm even more thrilled that my shopping is done and everything's wrapped and ready to be torn apart by family and friends.

Can you tell the difference between my iphone pictures and my friend Tyler's awesome Nikon pictures? Yea, I can, too. :)  If you want to do a spin on traditional Christmas wrapping paper, here are some other outside-the-box-to-cover-your-box ideas:

Bold Chevron
red chevron

Gold Dots
gold polka dots

Animal Prints



black and white ginham

Green stripes
green stripes

peacock feathers

We lust over fabrics, why can't our wrapping paper be just as pretty?  Well, I think it can and should be.  You don't have to settle on Santa and Rudolph paper every year.  Or maybe the hubby is right, I'm crazy after all.


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