Friday, November 30, 2012

Best Movies and Worst Songs

Bells will be ringing and so forth, 'cause it's almost Christmas, y'all.  The season is upon us and all that jazz.  I've got my trees (we do fake trees because this girl is allergic to the real thing, and I'd like to live another day) all set up but not decorated yet. Hopefully I can hop to that this weekend while the hubs strings lights outside.  All the while listening to some holiday tunes.  I can tell you which songs will NOT be played.

The Worst Holiday Songs EVER List IMO

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time
I mostly can't stand this one because it's so repetitive and gets stuck in my head.  Often.

Same Old Lang Syne
I think this song semi love story is meant to be touching and nostalgic.  It ends up being an annual annoyance. Running into an old flame makes you drop in tears in the rain, really?  Lame.

Grandma Got Run-over by a Reindeer
Wow.  Just wow.

My Grown Up Christmas List
I played this for hubs the other day because he hadn't ever heard it.  Bless him.  His first reaction was "Wait a minute, this is an adult going to see Santa?"  My thoughts exactly.  Santa makes toys.  He doesn't create world peace and end hunger.  Let's not give the old guy too much credit.

Christmas Don't Be Late
Sung not by soprano, not by alto, or even tenor, but chipmunk.  Chipmunk range is what we're going for here.  No thanks.

Mary Did You Know
Pretty sure she knew.

Thistlehair (the Christmas Bear!)
I love Alabama, and I love kids.  Anyone that knows me could tell you that.  But I have a real hang up with this song.  First of all, there is no Christmas Bear.  Period.  Don't try and steal the kid's magic show from Santa. Also, this song features children singing at the end, more like yelling, loud.  It makes my skin crawl, a lot.

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
These lyrics are just weird and awkward.  I think I'd die if I saw my mom kissing anyone when I was little, let alone if it wasn't my dad.  I certainly would not hang out to see any tickling like this child does. Creepy, even if it is just daddy dressed up.

...and anything covered by a boy band in the 90's.
that means you New Kids, *NSync, and Backstreet. 

What do y'all do to get in the spirit?  I love to watch Christmas movies and all the specials on TV.  I've got favorites that I have to watch each year, some of which aren't really "Christmas" but I like watching them at the holidays anyways.

The Best Holiday Movies EVER List, and random classics I watch in December

It's a Wonderful Life
Best movie ever?

White Christmas
You have no soul if you don't love White Christmas.  I secretly wish I could tap dance like that.  Ok, it's no secret.

A Christmas Carol- the 1984 version with George C. Scott
There are so many versions of this, but I think the Scott version really captures the Dickens story. Which, by the way, have you read the actual story?  It's darker and scarier than you think.

A Muppet Christmas Carol
The Muppets do everything right.

HOME ALONE (and only the original will do).  All year long, really.
Buzz, your girlfriend, WOOF.  What kid didn't want to be Kevin?

Charlie Brown Christmas
God bless them and their dying tree.

The Sound of Music
The hills are alive, and so is our house after an hour with Fraulein Maria.  You can count on the Houstons to belt out these tunes loud, often, and off key.

The Wizard of Oz
Not really a holiday movie, but we always watched it around Christmas when I was little.  My Meemaw loves this one.

The Santa Claus (I can't help it, I love that movie)
I got this movie along with my first tv for my bedroom growing up.  Oh, it was white.  A white tv with white remote.  I thought I was too cool.  Each time I watch this movie, I think about that old white tv, and how much I'm craving hot chocolate. 

....and no.... A Christmas Story is not making this list.  I rarely find it funny and always wind up depressed after watching it.  I'd rather shoot my eye out.

What's on your best and worst list?


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